Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Great show! Look forward to seeing more of you guys in the future!

(also, like the Gilliam-esque intro graphics!)


Great show you two, and to everyone behind the scenes, keep at it! I can certainly relate to Mike’s “reason” for being an atheist. I grew up in the vicinity of some rampant religiosity yet it never really took root in me for some reason. Not saying I’m any smarter than anybody else, I think I was just born without the God gene.


Great show guys, really reminded me of “The Atheist Experience”. Keep it up and I look forward to the next show!


Great first show! Keep at it at least for a few more weeks til you can see where the dice will land. I know that you guys are just starting and therefore I want to include as much good info as I can. All I can really say is keep at it until a real tread starts to form. Once a real trend starts to form then you can start replying to the people in the middle.

Amno Nymnonus

The “What does ‘spiritual’ mean?” question is good–except if anybody takes it seriously it will keep them sitting around thinking deeply and junk instead of washing their dishes and taking out the garbage and paying the phone bill and stuff. I looked up ‘holy’ once. Pretty sure it was that. Whatever it was, the dictionary referred to a circle of a bunch of other synonyms–‘sacred’, ‘blessed’…basically all I could get from it was that you’re supposed to bow your head when somebody says them, making sure to show deference and ‘respect’. ‘Spiritual’ is probably pretty much the same way, an… Read more »

Alexander Baez Ubeira

@ 42:00 Hey, the two presidents of Chile before the last were open atheists: Ricardo Lagos and Michelle Bachelet. Michelle Bachelet was also a socialist single mother (mother as in ‘woman’).

Greetings from Chile


Mike and Libbie Are you serious!? You seem to suggest that without Dawkins et al, Atheists are boring sad and inept debaters? Now with those dullards Harris and Denett, you may have a point. Do you think Catholic theologians have special debating powers atheists can’t resist? I’d be willing to send Thunderfoot (If you don’t know who he is check out, Why do people laugh at creationists? series of videos on YT) of youtube fame´╗┐ and the ACA’s Matt Dillahunty for openers. I’d take either one over Harris and Dennett any day. Twice on the holyday.I’m sure there are plenty… Read more »

James Smith

The Christian Community would like to invite the blog owner and everyone reading this blog to join our Christian community. Our website is open to anyone who is interested in discussing anything related to Christianity. You can join our new forum here:


Just began watching your show after hearing the non-prophets pimping you shamelessly time and time again and I must say, I’m glad I did. It’s always fun to see how religion and society goes together over in the states (seeing as I live in one of the most atheist countries in the world). I think it’s funny to see how many of the atheist show hosts that are big nerds and it was funny to hear about atheist representation in media. Harry in the first comic… when you began talking, I actually thought he was supposed to be a believer,… Read more »

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