Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Loved the first episode. It very difficult for me to sit and watch at the computer. I use ipod to listen/view most content. Episode 2 won’t play in firefox or explorer. any timeframe on getting in iTunes like the Atheist Experience?

Hello I wonder, why people who are agains believing in god or religion,it seems that they always referring to christianity or islam – But what about eastern philosophy like Yoga? Those people say that they are not even religin,yet it’s so not true. If somebody believe in cause of universe as some invisible reason,that is no different then evolution ( I know the difference,but you know what I mean). But those yoga people, actually believe that almighty god is here on earth in flesh. Mililons of intelectuals have their type of Sai Baba, yet, they say they are not religious.… Read more »