Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

Militant Atheism, with Libbie and Mike

Today, Libbie and Mike take on the controversial topic of “Militant Atheism”, though probably not in the way that we’re used to it being covered in the context of Atheism in the press. ┬áSet sail for Debunk Island!

About the Author: Sam Mulvey

Sam Mulvey is a producer and the technical brain behind Ask an Atheist. He is a collector of vinegar varieties, vintage computers, antique radios, and propaganda.

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Hi, I fully admit to being a luddite where technology is concerned. It isn’t by choice ; I really do wish I understood more. Okay, my problem is I have trouble finding where to click to watch or listen to the latest episode. I see it listed up there, but see nothing to click to listen or watch. I also follow the Atheist Experience, and I go straght to their archives, choose the date, and click to listen or watch. But I have trouble finding yours. Can you give me a clue? Be kind, I’m well aware of how stupid… Read more »


hey guys. love the show but why so slow to post as podcasts? this is crucial dog walk material!

Mike Gillis

Suzanne, the new episode hasn’t been posted yet. Sam is out of town and he’s usually the one to post this stuff.

I hope to see that this is posted soon. I will say that posting an episode as a podcast is not simply cutting an mp3 of an episode. Sam usually puts some time into cleaning up the sound as best he can.

Thanks both of you for listening/watching.


Great show. Still one thing should be mentioned: I’m not an American so I can’t know what’s being an Atheist in USA like, but we here in Europe do know that something like ‘Militant Atheism’ is not a Myth, and that did in fact exist. Many atrocities where done in USSR and all over east Europe during communist rule. Bibles where band, priests and religious people where ostracized, and is true – people were also killed for their religious beliefs. This fact shows that, maybe not atheism, but certainly antitheism can, like everything else, get out of hand – and… Read more »


Well I could respond to the previous poster.. but here are my comments instead: I really enjoyed the deconstruction of the double standard being used with regards to the word ‘militant’. I liked how you not only equated militancy with violence, but also forcing others thru legislation. I personally wish there were more rights for children in the constitution. Rights to genital integrity{freedom from circumcision/ genital mutilation}, rights to not be abused {freedom from corporal punishment} but also right to self-determination – freedom from religion. I hope there will be a law that states it is illegal to religiously indoctrinate… Read more »


After reflecting upon the comment from Bojan about militant atheism in communist states I postulate any enforced belief system tends toward militant behavior if it can act unrestrained. Today we see this in theocratic states but do not forget the brutality atheist communist rulers in the Soviet Union and China (and indeed elsewhere) visited upon their own people in the name of furthering a belief system. Being atheist doesn’t make anyone impervious to acting irrationally. We have to be very careful when acting in the name of an idea and not above self-criticism. As the atheist community grows we must… Read more »


With regards to outlawing childhood indoctrination, I have to agree with ‘Trevor’ in that enforcing such a policy would be a next to impossible task., and there are the concerns of personal freedom to consider. Such a law would not have to be created if we continue to educate and get people thinking. Just as how corporal punishment in the home is increasingly frowned upon, the day will come when indoctrination is also met with such distaste. Telling your kids to believe in something without any evidence will not be seen as a virtue but as an ignorant, uneducated thing… Read more »

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