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Atheist CrossOver: The Atheist Experience's Russell Glasser(!) this Sunday

A follow up to our awesomely awesome SCAN awards win, we just locked and loaded our special guest for this Sunday’s show “Ghost Hunting,” with a special guest co-host: Russell Glasser! It airs, as always, Sundays at 3 P.M. Pacific on SCAN. Important links on our left-hand nav.

As most of our viewers probably know, Russell is one of the atheistickal “micro-celebrities” from our sister show (or maybe it’s our mother show?)The Atheist Experience. For a primer on Russell’s exploits, you can click through the archive on their website and fill up your heathen-fuel tank. Also, he posts regularly on the AETV blog, and his own blog. Get pumped!

IMHO, seeing Mr. Glasser smack down an incoherent, solipsist theist here is the quintessential illustration of his rhetorical wit and guile.

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SOOOOO bummed I won’t be able to make the show on Sunday to meet Russell. But I will hopefully finagle a 10 – 6 shift so I can come see you guys for drinkypoos afterward.

D.B. Summ

I have to say it was fascinating to listen to two women who couldn’t understand why religion is so obsessed with virgins. It was like listening to two cows… “Woe buddy! Cows?” Uh, yeah? “You mean because they are women they are chattel, which rhymes with cattle, so all of a sudden they’re cows?!” NO! Gods, no! That’s not what I meant! I’m just innocently using cows as a non-sexist comparison. “Because you think of women as meat?” No! Jesus… “Oh, now you want to bring religion into this?! You sick bastard!” Please, stop… no! I’m… I’m just trying to… Read more »


Mr Summ, I have to agree with your last sentence. But I still don’t get the rest of it. OK, so if she’s a virgin then you know your chattel cow woman partner hasn’t had sex with anyone before you. But how do you know she isn’t going to submit to mate with have sex with make love to a different man every night for the next week? They don’t always foal calve fall pregnant conceive they first time y’know. The only way to be sure would be to keep her in her pen a stall confinement a situation where… Read more »


Thanks for the promo, looking forward to it. Here’s a cross-show promotion from me also:

Also, I’ll probably be catching up on one or two recent episodes of AAA on the plane. Curious about this virgin thing.

D.B. Summ

@ Puzzled

No one said it was rational or logical. People rarely act rationally nor are they logic-bots who only do things if they are logically valid and sound. Why would you think they do? You have heard of a little thing called religion right?


Just found out about this show via the Atheist Experience. I’m half way through the “virgin” episode and it’s great to get more of my atheist fix!! Go reason!!

Crystal G.

I think virginity, and female chastity, tend to be more important in societies that pass inheritances through the male line. I have never heard of this in societies that pass things down through the maternal line.


Where is this audo feed? It says to click on the audio feed below but I don’t see any such link. Little help?

Sam Mulvey

The audio feed was available when the show was live. As the interview is over, the feed is no longer available. We’ll be posting the non-live versions of the show as we get them online.

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