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Announcing 'Countdown to Backpedaling'

Countdown to Backpedaling In our most recent episode, Mike started up a new segment to the show that will continue in the KLAY era: ‘Countdown to Backpedaling’.

Recently, a fundamentalist Christian organization called “We Can Know” leased billboards in several states in the US alerting citizens to the ‘fact’ that Christ was returning on May 21st of next year, complete with ensuing ‘Judgement Day’.

Those of us among the atheism community, as well as those who may not be atheists but are aware of this continually repeating trend, are aware of how this dance will end: The Funky Backpedal.  Wether they invoke Poe’s Law, play it off as publicity stunt, or say it was some ineffable arrival, the moves of the dance are the same.

In anticipation of this moment, we are counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until that date on our new website, “We Can’t Know“– a domain chosen for obvious reasons.

Spread it far, spread it wide!

About the Author: Sam Mulvey

Sam Mulvey is a producer and the technical brain behind Ask an Atheist. He is a collector of vinegar varieties, vintage computers, antique radios, and propaganda.

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David Tyler

It would be nice if the mere demonstration that a prophesy has failed would have an effect on most groups. The Seventh Day Adventists got their start with a series of failed prophesies. After successful backpedaling and redefinition they are still around.

David Tyler

By the way, you folks have done a great job of starting up a show and an interesting WEB site. As a member of the ACA here in Austin, I like the way you have taken the idea of a call-in show and given it a flavor that is all your own. Keep up the good work.

Nick Jones

You hear about these things going on in other towns, but you never think it could happen in your own nice, secular neighborhood. Then one day somebody puts up a Christian billboard, the property values plummet, and the next thing you know you’re afraid to leave the house for fear of being accosted by snake-wielding charismatics. What is this world coming to?


Hey Nick – would you mind telling me your location? If we get enough pictures in, we might set up a page for them and I’d love to be able to show where all of the sighting occurred. 😀 Thanks for posting this!

Nick Jones

The diner the billboard is behind gives its address as:

10741 Pulaski Highway
White Marsh, MD 21162-1821

I found it amusing to look that up in the street view on Google maps, as it seems that the billboard space was advertizing some kind of (non-sacramental) booze before the Christians took it over.

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