Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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S3E12: Atheism and the Internet

Atheism (and Ask an Atheist) would not be where it is without the Internet. But is this a good thing?

About the Author: Sam Mulvey

Sam Mulvey is a producer and the technical brain behind Ask an Atheist. He is a collector of vinegar varieties, vintage computers, antique radios, and propaganda.

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Garry Burgin

STOP,STOP,STOP Are you insane or ignorant?.This countdown to back peddaling is dangerous.Somebody has said the end of the world is coming on a certain date.Therefore some theist will believe it is up to them to bring about the end of the world on that certain date.I am 60% in favour of the end of the world BEGINING on this date.HOPE IM WRONG.

Garry Burgin

Well done sam and bionic dance girl.Now you know where im coming from.

Garry Burgin

No,No,No your done.Atheists do not believe in the supernatural.We know things have yet to be descouvered or understood.Here is the ultimate quote i will ever make”Im smart enough to know that im not as smart as i think i am.”HOPE YOU LIKE THE MATT DILLAHUNTY QUOTE AT THE BEGINING.

Garry Burgin

Whats to stop me pretending to be a theist or even better a creationist and ringing in .I could probably do a good theist/creationist impression and would you be able to tell the difference.

Mike Gillis

Please don’t. Garry, please do get a life.

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