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After some long and hard soul-searching, we’ve decided to change the direction of the show. Possibly the weirdest 180-degree-turn in the history of radio, I know, but it is one that is a long time in coming, and long in discussion with the local clergy.

Really, given the direction of the militant New Atheism movement, we see no other choice but to turn to religion to solve our problems. I know this transition will be difficult for a lot of you who have been fans of the show. Look at it from our perspective, however– would you rather we lie to you?  Falsehoods do justice to no one, so we decided to tell you as soon as we made the decision.

Operationally, we will continue on as before, on Sunday, just as our brother and sister religiously-themed shows do on KLAY.  On the subject of theme, however, expect some significant changes, starting with our next email show this weekend.  Life will continue on as before, but expect a more positive, spiritual message from our corner of it.

So now we join the illuminated ranks of C.S. Lewis, Nina Hagen, Dave Sim, and Kirk Cameron, and return, once again, to spirituality.

See you tomorrow.

About the Author: Sam Mulvey

Sam Mulvey is a producer and the technical brain behind Ask an Atheist. He is a collector of vinegar varieties, vintage computers, antique radios, and propaganda.

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Melissa W.

lol Happy Atheist’s Day! 😀 And a Merry April Fool’s Day as well. 😀

Charlie Sheen

This is an example of NOT winning.


Was confused until I realized what day it is.


Next show is going to start:
“Hello and welcome to Ask an Ex-Atheist! LOLJKROFL!”


NOT COOL MAN, NOT COOL!! Freakin scared the hell out of me. Completely forgot it was april fools day. You got me. 🙂


I’m so glad to hear that my brothers and sisters have come back to Christ. God bless you atheists! Let the spirit of Christ move through you like wind through an open valley…or the contents of one’s toilet through a sewage pipe.

Patti Naretta

I decoded the message! Each sentence begins with these letters in sequence: APRIL FOOLS. 🙂

Mike Gillis

You’ve just made Sam very happy.


Yay! Patti just won the internet!




Yaaay! *does happy dance*

Donald Christophers

And the April Fools jokes begin…..

Jacob D'lallo


Tim Walls

I was skeptical at first, but my heart told me it was true.

Welcome back to the ranks of the righteous.


Larry Brunswick

God is truly great! I have been praying for so long for your souls, and now you are saved!

Larry Brunswick

Now we just need to make

Larry Brunswick

All kidding aside, I’d still be going to church if passion plays were like that. “Sunday, see Mick ‘The Lamb Of God’ Foley square off against the Dark One himself, the Undertakerrrrrrrr!”

Donald Christophers

Kirk Cameron killed the joke tbh

Scott Dickie

I agree with Donald. A good prank pushes things right up to the breaking point, but not beyond. I think even Kirk Cameron would have read that last line and said “Oh, NOW I know they’re bullshitting!” 😉

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