Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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fred johnson

All tolerance means in regards to religionist is they can practice their religion without being put in jail or killed.

It’s astounding how this has been twisted to mean you have to “respect” their religion to be “tolerant”, as usual religious people have completely hijacked the meaning of a word.

Mike Gillis

I think you’ll like the episode this week, Fred.

Anonymous Atheist

Lately, the episodes have been showing up in the Podcast RSS Feed on the correct day, but displaying a date that’s several days early. (Last week’s 8-21 episode says 8-16, and this week’s 8-28 episode says 8-24.) Is there some way you could fix this? If not, could you include the correct date in the post titles? Thanks. 🙂

[…] Having a freedom of belief doesn’t mean you get to live in a protective bubble where your beli… and everyone has to treat your opinions with kid gloves. However, having a freedom of speech does mean that you’re inevitably going to have put up with the occasional speech that offends you. Deal with it. We do. […]

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