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2013: Where’s Kevin Costner?

Sam, Mike, and Becky ring in the new year with news, emails, and a little bit of science with Dan.

Among other things, the curious email we’re talking about points to this link.


Here’s the Hindu mythology related email:

I am an agnostic from Nepalese Hinduism background but more I research Hinduism more I tend to think it’s the true religion. I want you to prove me scientifically that Hinduism is wrong!


About Vedas, the oldest book of Hindu: On the time of Alexander, Greek scholar gathered the genealogy of Indian dynasties. At that time they had succeeded to get the record of 154 dynasties those had ruled for 6547 years authentically and Vedas were more ancient than them. So, the age of Vedas is between 8000 to 10000 years old; making it older than most of the other religions and proving abhramic religions’ book of genesis wrong scientifically.
1.How can that old book explain universe so accurately in terms of its cycle, years and dynamics?


2.How might have they acquired advanced mathematics and science in the dawn of civilizations?



3.Why there are scientific evidences of battles, kings and events took place during ancient times in the book of “Bhagwat Gita”? Example: Radiation stronger that 2 atom bombs in kurukchetra, india, where supposedly first battle described in the book took place.


4.A blueprint illustration of lost technology “vimana” mentioned in Ramayana still exists today but it is very complicated to achieve it.


Concept of gods and single power:


“Gods are the avatars of a single power.” Power is described as an infinite energy, which is proved and attainable in Einstein’s equation: E= mc^2, let mass be infinite (as in black hole), then the energy becomes infinite.


“It is not necessary to believe in avatars gods but we need to be thankful to the creations of the single power because we have to return there one day” If you think about it, it is also completely logical! Our life can be defined as a product of the energy created in big bang. As the laws of conservation of energy state all the energy are conserved in a close system; when we die our life’s energy will go to universe!


This religion is more reliable than the others scientifically; can this be the true religion?Matt from the Internet

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Johnathan Arriola

You may have heard about these before but the Atheist haven model exists within the Gay straight alliance as a Safe Zone. talks about how to do that. I would suggest sending yourselves to the training and getting their help to set up a formal structure to the Havens. Maybe a joint venture might be possible here as well? Also nice one on “thank you for smoking” reference. That segment is the perfect example of sophism and is one i use regularly to help delineate sophists from philosophers.

Thomas Henderson

That was my favorite moment of science so far. Also I found the phone call very enjoyable. It was perhaps the most pleasant faith angled phone calls I’ve heard on one of these atheist programs.

Thomas Henderson

Please pardon the spelling error.


Turkey is a secular state– they want to join the EU, so they aren’t going to change this reform that Ataturk introduced decades ago.

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