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Kids Without God

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We talk with Chuck Wolber, director of Camp Quest Northwest, and Rebecca Hale, newly affirmed president of American Humanists Association, about kids without god.

Included in this post is the NBC Nightline segment about Camp Quest Northwest.   Featured is Ask an Atheist hosts Nick and Becky.

Here’s the Camp Quest Northwest episode we did over the summer.


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Very pointed questions in the NBC segment “united in unbelief”, makes one feel a bit odd that they seriously think this. It’s good that the idea of letting children decide their own beliefs is expressed, but again they try to shoehorn a presumably theistic psychologist into it.


The video clip was interesting in its bias– I can see where the reporter was skewing the details of the true nature of the camp and leading the interviewees, but even for crappy-ass journalism, it wasn’t worse than most mainstream attitudes towards atheists (or the differently-beliefed).

As a lifelong atheist, I too would have been unprepared as a child to quote Bertram Russell or defend such a complicated philosophical minority position to adults– all I knew was that the bible and the way religions & their flocks go about their beliefs make no sense and seemed silly.

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