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OKC: Between Two Ponytails

Becky and Sam stage a show at the University of Central Oklahoma with Red McCall of Oklahoma Atheists. They explore the OK City freethought community, discuss Satanism’s sometimes-lamentable link with atheism, field audience questions, and get first hand reports of what it was like in the wake of the May/June 2013 tornadoes. Rebecca Vitsmun, who was made famous for confounding Wolf Blitzer with her atheism live on CNN, comments as well.

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Rebecca Vitsmun

I want to make sure to say that when I spoke, I was thinking about the large group of theists and not a small group (only two older women) who came later in the process who did spend time trying to convert me, but I had put that experience out of my mind until it came rushing back a few weeks later.

Just a comment for clarity’s sake.

Red McCall

I had a lot of fun doing this episode. Becky and Sam are really fun. Thank you for making OKC part of your tour.

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