Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Renee Davis-Pelt

Sorry, Sam, but I’m with Becky and Mike on this one. Glenn Beck may not have his spot on Fox anymore, but he still has a significant audience that’s willing to PAY to listen to his bullshit on his internet forum aka “Glenn Beck TV” and I see no shortage of articles floating around Face Book from “The Blaze” (which is on par with World Nut Daily). He probably has a net worth that’s higher than Alex Jones, and still holds quite a bit of sway among the Teahadists. That doesn’t mean I still don’t love you. We just have… Read more »


I’m always chagrined when people suddenly use logic to say anything like

You do/don’t believe X, so therefore you believe in or do Y,Z,1,2,3, etc.

So now you use logic as well as feel no need to even ask if that is true?

Also OPRAH is HARPO spelled backwards. (I don’t believe it has anything to do with any Marx bros. 🙂 )

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