Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Robert Ray

Yes Sam. I agree that we will be working very closely on prayers at meeting. I am just as passionate on this as you are.
I am making myself available for any city, county, school board or any other gathering of government officials that has a prayer or religious invocation, to give a Humanist Invocation or help anyone who wants to have one.

Cheryl from Tacoma

I’m really trying to empathize here. I agree that the Pledge of Allegiance can be seen as exclusionary, and in fact, I went through a period during my school years when I didn’t say it, myself (although it was on account of the Vietnam war or something back then). And I can see why official prayers before public meetings can be awkward for anybody not espousing the beliefs expressed therein. I like our city council’s habit of prefacing each session with a moment of silence, which can be used to gather one’s thoughts, remember a loved one or the many… Read more »


Due to my wife’s particular position and prominence in our community, I think it would do more harm than good to try to open with the following invocation, but it’s one I considered after the ruling anyone else is certainly welcome to it as is or modified or whatever. “Let us bow our heads and pray. Dear Lord, thank you for bestowing on this body the responsibility of our duty to our citizens. Do not harden our hearts like Pharaoh, assuring us pestilence and death by your hand, but open them to our fellow citizens. Lord, let us not in… Read more »

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