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Plague of Psychic Homophones

Sam and Becky welcome Roslyn to the show to talk linguistics, prayer, psychics, disease, and more.    There are show notes.



Update on Horus Gilgamesh


Listener George, Becky, and Myself. In thirty years, when my kids ask me what I did that I am proud of, I’ll show them this picture and tell them: I was a part of this. Maybe it’s a small thing to you, but it isn’t to me. (Image Courtesy of The Awkward Moments [not found in your average] Children’s Bible website. Go look at the blog.)

As it turns out, Horus decided not to appear at the AAA convention up in Seattle this weekend.   The explanation is here, and you should take a look at it.   We’ve learned a few things since we recorded this episode, and the thing that really makes me angry is the postmark on the letter.    I know how I feel about it but I’m not certain what to do, if anything can be done, about it other than the cheap-joke-cum-coping-mechanism I’ve done here.  On the other hand, Ericka and the folks at Seattle Atheists came up with a great idea: most everyone at the conference wore “Hello My Name is Horace Gilgamesh” badges throughout the conference.    Becky and I happened to be in the hallway when a picture was taken and sent in to Horus, and it’s ended up on that blog post.


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About the Author: Sam Mulvey

Sam Mulvey is a producer and the technical brain behind Ask an Atheist. He is a collector of vinegar varieties, vintage computers, antique radios, and propaganda.

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For those atheists that are trapped is a religious bubble, there are a large amount of internet societies that they can interact with. Reddit, a large number of facebook groups, student groups etc. They may be stuck at home but they have a huge internet family that can call on to vent and / or as advice.


That guy in Utah is gonna have a heart attack when he finds out that his school is full of Homo Sapiens.


No offence meant to you ‘murkans, I think you’re great – at least you particular ones and a few other specific groups and individuals – but is anyone surprised by this rejection of ‘homophones’? This is the nation that replaced cockroaches and cockerels with roaches and roosters… are you still allowed to drink cocktails, or do you have to make do with mixy stirry shaky beverages of an alcoholic nature with your freedom fries and liberty cabbage? If the eastern orthodox church ever becomes a force for evil in the free world, I’d hate to be an American dentist, that’s… Read more »


I suppose you could call them independence intoxicants?

John Spinosa

I wonder if the guy in Utah drinks homogenized milk. That might be why he’s having so many homo-erotic thoughts.

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