Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Mark Ottow

While listening to you guys talk about sport I was wondering why I was feeling so resistant to crediting it in the way I do the things -I’m- fanatical about: Caprica, Firefly, Star Trek, Middle Earth, Midkemia, the Mass Effect universe… Until the mention of social justice. It was a major “ah ha!” moment… All the things I like are gateways into and reflections on social justice and the human future. Just like atheism and skepticism… Sport either lacks that link or requires a really tortured analysis to make one fit. Short of the Drugs In Sport debate leading to… Read more »

Geoff Rogers

Hey guys, Two things regarding this episode. Both are regarding the question of sport as being helpful regarding pursuing goals of social justice. And, being I’m Australian, both are couched within the social melieu of Australia, and indeed deal with Australian Rules Football. You might recognise the game as the vastly tougher of all games carrying the moniker ‘football’. [/smarm] The first example I’d like to hold up is the that of Nicky Winmar’s courageous stand as a proud Aboriginal player. I’ll quote from Wikipedia: “In a match for St Kilda against Collingwood in Round 4 of the 1993 season,… Read more »

Mark Ottow

I’m also an Aussie, also grew up with AFL in Tasmania, but being 16 at the time and not interested in footy I only remember Winmar for being the butt of jokes among my classmates… I can’t even remember my teachers using it as entry point to the issue of racism in the way that the would commonly use TV shows like A Country Practice, or in one favourite case Star Trek: The Next Generation. I think my point still stands though. I’m not arguing that sport can’t be used as an entry point to social justice discussions, just that… Read more »

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