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This guy’s atheism didn’t make him commit the crime. There’s no atheist doctrine that demands the deaths of believers (unlike most religions). He’s just an unhinged dick. You could Just add Mr Hicks to the “Hitler, Pol Pot, Mao argument.

Ken Cunningham

I don’t want this man’s crime laid at my feet because I am an atheist. Atheism did not advocate, facilitate or condone this act on any level. Let them find some atheist anti religious inflammatory literature and then we can talk.


I play a drinking game where I take a drink every time Sam makes a topic about himself.

Sam Mulvey

You must be pretty drunk.


The Clark County thing is still going on. They sneaked in a private meeting about it today. Some press was allowed in, but no members of the public. They’ve decided to postpone their decision until next Tuesday. This all comes from live tweets from @newsladykatie.

[…] won’t go into details of this process since it has been nicely handled by the Ask an Atheist podcast and the Friendly Atheist blog (1, 2, 3). Instead, I’d like to summarize a few problems […]

Leigh Hunt

This is strong evidence for the moral superiority of atheists. If atheists killed at the same rate as the general population, they would murder 1500 people per year in the US. We should celebrate that when an atheist finally murders someone , that it is so rare as to be hugely newsworthy, regardless of many murders happening on the same day. As an atheist, I will take this opportunity to offer my services to any non-atheist that wants to improve themselves and thus approach the greatness that is atheism.

Becky Friedman

First, correlation doesn’t imply causation. Second, I’m kind of baffled at the idea of celebrating at all when a murder is committed. I’d hypothesize that with religious adherence and belief becoming less common in the US, and the demographics of religious “nones” increasingly trending towards the general population distribution, that unsavory parts of the human experience (including murder) would also follow. I’ve a hunch that it’s more likely we haven’t been hearing about atheist murderers because atheists are an historically self-selecting small population, coupled with minimal publicity. I’m lastly a little confused by what you mean with “the greatness that… Read more »

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