Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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They Keep Pounding

This week Sam hosts as Josh and Tyson talk about stories where a bad argument, continually restated, has an opportunity to win.



Shelley Segal has 2 public appearances coming up this week. First, she’ll be at McMenamins’ White Eagle Saloon in Portland on Friday, February 24th, appearing with Shelby Lanterman and Karyn Ann. Then on Saturday, Feb 25th she’ll return to the Bourban Bar at the Columbia City Theatre. Finally Shelly and her partner Rob will join us in the studio on Sunday the 26th, so tune in!



This Week in The Best Words

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Lawrence McRaven

I heard today that nothing absolutely nothing is true in the Bible. AronRa said this and I contend with that severely. I want to know if this is your understanding or is it that he just has a vendetta because I have scientific reasoning that concures with the Bible and that made me feel that religious leaders lie just like atheists.


Can I be on your show?

Colton Buist Skye`brother

Can I be on your show?

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