Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Smuggling & Catholics & Bears, Oh My!

Becky and Dan welcome Karen Garst, the Faithless Feminist.  We also consider the ethics of using religious freedom to protect the environment.  Newcomer Colby joins us in the 3rd segment to decry Hobby Lobby and celebrate a Washington State LGBT victory.


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Kevin Benko


I have been an Atheist since 1988.
Now, while I haven’t heard all of your podcasts (I am working on it, though) I think you have the impression that (using my terms) that the only type of Atheist is a Humanist-Atheist. I am _not_ a humanist Atheist. Rather I consider myself to be an Objectivist-Atheist.

I think you may need to address this oversight, eventually.

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