Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Progress Makers

Becky, Bridget, and Paul explore how to apply April Fools’ Day skepticism to 364 other days in the year. They also reflect on their experience as atheists/humanists as it relates to gun use and gun laws, and interview young activist Kerri Ray about her school walkout.




Did you march yesterday as an identifiable atheist? What was the response??

Yesterday[‘s March for our Lives] was about guns. Factions with their own agendas ruin movements. I’ll save my atheism for the atheism march. -Eric from The Internet

What march? After the atheist meeting for godless shooting practice, I went directly home. -Franklin from Grand Rapids

[Stockton Atheists] did. Had four giant signs that said messages like What do atheists believe in? #GunControlNow…A few people came up to ask about us, and a few ore took photos of us to “tell their nephew” or whatever. Gave away 5 cards for people to learn more about our group. -David from California


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Eva Whitley

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