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Alien Clone Babies Cheat at Donkey Kong

Sam, Luke, and Josh pay homage to the late Art Bell, muse about the importance of critical thinking when it comes to arcade game huxter-villains, chuckle at Christian cinema flops, respond to listener feedback, and praise NJ lawmakers for strong vax laws.

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This episode begins with Sam discussing recent allegations of sexual assault by David Silverman, former president of American Atheists.


Art Bell’s US callsign was indeed W6OBB. He also held a license in the Phillipines, 4F1AB. Additionally, the comet that hit Jupiter was not the same comet that signaled the Higher Source cult to kill itself.



As a skeptic and ham radio afficionado, I hope [Sam] might be able to help me with this – Assume you have an old type transmitter, late 1930s technology, transmitting at 50 watts at 3105 khz during the day and over water. The transmitter is about 1000 high, could a voice signal be picked up as signal strength 5 / good at 400 miles? Yes, there is a skeptical angle to this.
Richard from Virginia

The symbol of christianity [is] a man/god dead [on] a cross. To me they choose this symbol to make you feel guilty all the time. Is there any other religion besides christianity that exploits guilt like that? -Camilo from Quebec

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Eva Whitley

Sam, I think you would like the soap & other products at geeky My son has their D&D soap in his bathroom, and he really likes it.

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