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From the “Lost in Diskspace” files! A previously unreleased episode from August 2, 2015 featuring Sam, Dan, and Bridget talking discussing baseball, myth and fantasy, snakes, “new” atheism, and a variant on Pascal’s wager. Aired May 13, 2018.



When I was kid I believed in Santa. People always say there is no harm in telling kids there’s a Santa. BULLOCKS! Day after Christmas, I was 8 maybe, I found “Santa’s shopping list” in mom’s handwriting. I was devastated. I begged my mom to tell me if Santa was real and she just poo poo’d it like it was no big deal and kept up sort of half hearted yeses and tried to drop the subject. Learning that my mother lied to me and then not getting answered when I begged for the reasons why adults, the stores, and the television keep this lie going hurt a lot. I don’t remember much from my childhood but I remember my heart dropping and the pain of learning Santa wasn’t real. It is morally wrong to perpetuate the Santa lie. If the kid knows its pretend fun, then that’s okay. But I would never lead my kid on to think Santa is real. Even when I was 12-18, helping my mom raise my toddler brothers, I would NOT let my brothers think Santa was real. I didn’t want to see them hurt the way I was. Tisa from New York


I’ve been reading a lot of apologist web content lately and writers never fail to use [the term “New Atheist”]. I think [they are] using it to somehow denigrate the movement, and this is becoming more obvious the older the “New Atheists” get. [Imagine] if they did not use this terminology: Instead of saying “Sam Harris, another one of the ‘New Atheist’ breed…” they would have to identify Sam by calling him a “prominent” or “popular” atheist. Instead of saying “One of the main complaints of the New Atheists” they’d have to say “One of the key complaints of the resurgent atheist movement.” Thoughts? Sandy from Canada

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Did god acknowledge other gods
‘Thou shall not have other gods before

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