Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Icy Reception at the Pancake Breakfast

Sam, Josh, and Justin question why anyone still support the Vatican– distinct from Catholicism.  They also wonder to what degree our union is crumbling at the hands of Christian dominionists.  They answer a listener’s request to delve into how religious faith primes believers against skepticality, and address the fears of a confused, semi-agnostic Christian, and survive the Ice-chaton.

Meanwhile, the study Sam references is from Princeton.



I’m trying to leave Christianity behind me but a something is really hold me back.

The one thing is how people say it was prophesied that Israel would be founded in a day, and that according to the parable of the fig tree, the fig tree is supposed to be Israel and that this is the Generation that will see the return of Jesus. According to a couple scholars like F Kenton Beshore, a generation is 80 years which puts 2021 (minus seven for the tribulation) as the time.

I’m not a scholar, I don’t know who to ask so I’m asking an Atheist for help on interpreting this or how they even got it. Sorry to bother.   Jacob from The Internet

Ask an Atheist During the Ice-chaton

Show Mascot Mr. Adventure braving the cold for a brief moment before being fed.

Becky and Justin after the show. Sam took the picture.

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Charlie formerly of Seattle

Sam Mulvey go on Chapo!
I liked your rant about oligarchies and money on the latest show. You should go on the Chapo Trap House podcast.

David Podnar

‪Listening to Ask an Atheist and listening to about snow on hilly windy infrastructure made me think of snow here in Pittsburgh.

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