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Not the New Normal

Sam takes Josh and Justin through a discussion of technology and social culture, large stone crosses, and self-care. It’s slightly self-indulgent.


  1. Raspberry Pi 4 released, giving Linux enthusiasts more reasons to complain about interesting hardware.
  2. Universal Life Church Sues for Marriage Privilege in TN
  3. SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Keeping WW1 Cross
  4. Elderly Man gets Entire Catholic Church High: The Revenge of The Pancake Breakfast
  5. Bishop Wants to Cloud Seed Town with Holy Water



Hi Sam, Becky and crew, I know Sam’s been having a rough time. The last I heard, he was going back up the mountain. I hope he’s doing well. As Sam’s partner, Becky, I’m sure this is hard on her. I hope she’s doing well also. While I enjoy listening to you every week. I’m sure there’s a lot involved in the production of these shows. It’s more important that you take care of yourselves and get healthy.
Lewis from Chehalis

Hi, long time listener and supporter here.

I want to thank Sam for the latest episode, talking about depression and mental health. I want to share with you a bit of my own story, as well as give you as much support as I can offer.

You are loved, you are worthwhile. Also (and I know you already know this, but it still bears stating) you are the only one who gets to declare what is helpful or healthy for you.

As for myself: I am a teacher. I also have a host of problems including depression, anxiety, chronic migraines, and kidney stones. Everyones depression looks different: mine includes insomnia, anxiety, and enough brain fog to make London look positively balmy. There have been *months* where I would go in, pretend that I wasn’t in mind-numbing pain, try to manage anxiety attacks before or after class, then go home and cry myself to sleep. To everyone else, I looked like I functioned. It was more than 6 months of therapy and medication before things started to get better.

You were there for me through that.

You were there for me, inserting your brand of humor and insight through multiple kidney surgeries. (I’ll spare you the painful details)

You helped me find a secular official when I got married.

Your voice of reason has helped so much in my life. We’ll be here when you are feeling better, and we’re here for you now.

Your voice of support has meant so much, so I’ll offer it back in return. Depression lies, it gets better, and you have our love and support.

Thanks so much!
Colin from Seattle

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Gary lake

I’m an athiest. Not a 100%confident atheist because I still have unanswered questions. For example, I’ve heard of some religions preaching God is self and I have studied all religions including being an athiest knowing they could all false. I believe the answer lies in the middle of the combined knowledge. Now if you believe in evolution you believe 2 billion years ago we were single celled organisms. So 2 billion years from now we will be as different from single celled organisms as we are today. Atheists love to ask if God created us then who created God? What… Read more »

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