Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Velociraptor Trebuchet

Generalissimo Sam gives his post-battle report from the War on Xmas alongside Dan and Josh.  They discuss bird deaths, Trump, the Graham family, and vigilante justice for priest sex abuse victims.



SUBJECT: William Tell’s Tactical Taint Tanner

Hello, I just wanted to say that I like what you’re doing with the show, and I hope you keep doing it. Even if you occasionally go on tangents that can be quite confusing, for those who have missed some crucial details. Happy orbital period index increment to you all. -Odd from Norway

Hey Sam, I recently saw that you follow one of my favourite authors on Twitter, John Scalzi. What are your other favourite authors— maybe there are more similarities? -Aubrey from Illinois

[Those of you] from Christian families, how do you deal with them? I mean, I can easily respect church ceremonies–if I attend, it’s because I choose to, so I have to respect it–but I can’t really choose to stay home and watch Hair on DVD – I either mess up my day and mood, being a fake dummy with everyone else or I mess their mood simply by not being “present”. How is it for you?

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Hi! A good day to all of you. Before I start, I would like to apologize if ever I, in anyway, disturbed you guys (just in case you’re busy) but i was just wondering if maybe you can answer some questions for me? I’m a grade 11 student of Silliman University, a school that is located in the Philippines, and our teacher gave an assignment and that is to ask an atheist this: What is there view about sin, and about death? Why do you think so? That would be all and thank you so much!!!

Ellen Smith

A atheist doesn’t believe in the God he will meet someday in heaven to account for his sins he doesn’t want to face now.

Ellen Smith

An Atheist doesn’t believe in the God he will stand before at death and account for his sins he doesn’t believe he has!

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