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This category held audio podcasts of Ask an Atheist until Season 5, when we moved to a single post per episode system. Now, extra podcasts appear in this category, separate from the Episode Archive.

Podcast 4: "Why Do Atheists Have a Show?"

by Sam Mulvey

In this episode, Mike and Sam discuss the necessity of a show covering this topic. We cover news, upcoming events for the local atheist community, receive phone call and answer emails. There’s also more negotiation to challenge to the Atheist Experience guys in Austin to a game of a Street Fighter variant. This podcast is […]

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Podcast 9: "Atheism and Star Trek"

by Sam Mulvey

Fulfilling our destiny, here is Episode 9, wherein Casey Doran and Jerry Schiffelbein show their true colors: command cranberry red. We break down how atheism, humanism and various other isms relate to Star Trek, and it’s dubious grip on a taking any stance firmly without contradiction. TODAY *IS* A GOOD DAY TO DIE!

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