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Podcast 15: Greta Christina, News, Viewer Emails

Original Air Date: September 28, 2010

Runtime: 00:59:43

In this episode, Mike & Sam discuss news very local to Ask an Atheist– namely, what’s up with SCAN. Then, we air the previously-recorded interview with blogger and author Greta Christina. Following the interview, we return to Mike [...]

Original Air Date:


Original Air Date:


Original Air Date: September 15, 2010


Greta Christina on the Show

Original Air Date: September 8, 2010

Runtime: 00:01:24

An announcement that Greta Christina will be on the show in the future, and that we’re looking for emails *and* voice mails on the subject.

Original Air Date: September 6, 2010


Podcast 11: "Atheists in Fiction 2"

Original Air Date: August 31, 2010

Runtime: 00:57:39

Because you couldn’t get enough of it, Libbie and Mike continue their discussion about atheists as represented in fiction. This one took some cooking. Whoo boy. Hope you enjoy it.