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Open Letter to Derek Kilmer, WA-6

by Sam Mulvey

Today is Veterans Day here in the U.S., which means (among other things) that I’ll usually get a lot of email from local polticians about supporting veterans.   That poses no problem for me, but one from Derek Kilmer, who represents Congressional District 6 gnawed at me a bit.  The text of his letter his hardly […]

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Hulk mad! Hulk BASH!!!!

by Dan Lombardo

Recently, a frequent listener of Ask an Atheist gave us some feedback regarding the show’s tendency towards “bashing religion”. The listener stated that if it were their show about their own faith, they’d prefer to tackle philosophical conundrums and historical insights, rather than criticize the faiths of others. Unfortunately, most of atheists’ histories were recorded by the people who persecuted them, and those histories ain’t pretty…

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Freedom of Football?

by Becky Friedman

My senior year in high school I managed to finally earn one varsity letter.  I’d worked hard since seventh grade, practicing skills and drills in short bursts and extended 2-hour sessions.  I suffered callouses, strains, muscle aches, and tendonitis.   Our coaches made us drill and repeat till we got it right.  I went to Districts […]

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Satanic Beast-Men, the Grain Cartel and the Historicity of Jesus

by Mike Gillis

Mike here. Now, I’m a big fan of fringe types. Sun Myung Moon, Fred Phelps, Emperor Joshua Norton, the Raelians, David Icke, Alex Jones, cult leaders, conspiracy theorists, moon landing deniers, cryptozoologists, Birthers, Truthers, UFO crazies… you name them, I think they’re hilarious and fascinating. I’m also a bit of a politics geek, so when […]

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