Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

Episode 2 "Epistemology: Knowledge and Belief"

Yesterday’s show (the 13th) online at now. The first four minutes was lost due to technical error, and the overall quality is not as good as it could be, but the rest of the show is here, now, with extra godless goodness:

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Ok first i wanna say congratulations on the show. you guys are noobs to the tv thing it shows but you did a very good job keep it up i will be watching ^^.

Jim Johnson

Egg Head and Beard Face here both have a classic case of SS, or Santa Clause Syndrome. The only reasn they’re atheist-humanist-communists is because they’re mad at God because he gave them egg heads, beard faces and/or small dicks. There’s just no other reason to be an atheist. it’s a FACT.

John Jimson

In response to my polar opposite, Jim Johnson- This is an interesting conclusion you’ve come to. In my many years on your planet i’ve come to the realization that the specimens i’ve been provided of your kind, ALL have egg heads, and nearly half of them do or have the potential to have “beard faces”. I have yet to examine the genitals of male believers verse male heathens. However, if I were to do so I am confident that the girth to length ratio of your wormy creatures would be similar regardless of theistic or non-theistic positions. With this point… Read more »

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