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We here at “Ask an Atheist” want to know what you think!

1.) What do you like/dislike about the show?
2.) Are there any host combinations you’d like to see? Any hosts you’d like to see on the show more often?
3.) Any topics you’d like to see us cover, or cover in a new way?
4.) What do you think of our Viewer Email episodes?
5.) Why does God need a starship?

About the Author: Mike Gillis

Mike Gillis is co-creator, and co-host of Ask an Atheist. He hosts the Radio vs. the Martians! and Mike and Pól Save the Universe! podcasts. He also enjoys comic books, the Planet of the Apes, and the band Queen.

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1.) I really like the topics and personalities. And I like the fact that you’re getting use to being on air. At first it felt uncomfortable. What I don’t like is when you get a theist caller you seem to get over excited. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. 2.) I’ve been happy with all of you, but my top two are Libbie and Mike. 3.) Maybe some online comics that have featured Atheism and Skepticism… *cough*mine*cough* …or maybe some good ones. 4.) I enjoy the viewer mail. It helps out when no one wants to call in. 5.)… Read more »

fred johnson

1. Casual nature, frank honest views 2. Mike and Case with some more conspiracy topics topping “There trying to kill me !” will be difficult 3. Be more proactive in holding theists accountable for their bullshit claims. 4.Viewer mail is great perhaps cut to a real/fake picture of sender or relevant graphic to make it more interesting. 5.God needs a Starship for a place to put his throne while he tinkers on his desk with the universe’s he created in his spare time to occupy himself. Because god does not have many friends in his home dimension and is considered… Read more »


1. I really like that you are addressing all kind of crud, not just religions. I find that is a hole that really needs to be filled.
2. All of you guys are great 🙂
3. Yes, more irrational crap needs smashing. But let’s don’t forget about theists.
4. Viewer Email is fun and entertaining. I like it 🙂
5. God needs a starship in order to look big and powerful to young civilizations. That’s the only thing He’s got, so he’s abusing it. It’s his property anyway…


1) ‘nerd comments’, fun and relaxed atmosphere
2) They are all fine. (Libbie and Mike are a remarkable team though)
3) homeopathy, astrology and other nonsense like that (with studies and all that fancy stuff)
4) Great! More of that!
5) He’s just too old and rich to cross the barrier by himself.

Manolo Matos

1. I like the fact that you cover very different and interesting topics. I believe this make it appealing to many different types of people. I think you need to keep pens away from the desk, the clicking and playing with it is sometimes distracting. 2. My favorite hosts ate Mike and Libbie and when they are together is magic. 3. I believe you should make a show about the separation of church and state and the implications of the lack of separation. I believe it would be very informative. 4. Viewer mail is really interesting because it addresses the… Read more »

Kevin Benko

1: I like the fact that your show exists in the first place. As I am currently trapped in Salt Lake City, Utah until approximately 2013 (Wife in graduate school), I dislike the fact that you are in the Pacific Northwest and I am not. 2: The hosts are just swell the way they are. 3: William Lane Craig fanbois really get me twisted out of shape. Could you devote an episode to picking on William Lane Craig? Perhaps mention the difference between debating and forming logical arguments…. 4: The email thing is good in that it (potentially) allows the… Read more »


Hi Kevin,

Why does William Lane Craig annoy you so much?


@Kevin: SLC really isn’t that bad, compared to the surrounding area. I have some ties to the area myself. I did my internship at Tracy Aviary in Liberty Park and I lived in Sugarhouse (Sugarhood!) for several months. In SLC’s favor, the best mole’ I’ve ever had in my life is at The Red Iguana. I actually haven’t been able to enjoy Mexican cuisine since leaving SLC because it was too damn good there and all other Mexican food pales in comparison. Enjoy where you are — it’s got its charms. You’re very close to Antelope Island, which has some… Read more »

D.B. Summ

1) Likes: Broad spectrum of issues. Phone calls Dislikes: Not enough phone calls. 2) All the hosts do a great job and are getting better but I would say my favorites are probably Mike and Libbie. 3) I’d love to see an episode on Evidence-Based Practice in psychology. Not to get all Scientology on you but after a recent visit to a psychiatrist I was shocked at how unscientific she was. I’d also like to see a prank episode where you trick an unsuspecting theist into thinking the rapture has come and they were “Left Behind.” 4) Loved them. I… Read more »

Frank D. - San Diego

I listen to your podcasts on Itunes and really enjoy all your episodes. The main reason I enjoy your show so much is that everyone who’s been on the show, with the exception of a few callers, has been really intelligent and knowledgeable. I learn so much from your topics and guests. The Mormons show, Greta Christina, Controlled Demolitions… all great stuff. Another reason is that the show, for the most part, has remained non-political. Obviously, atheism is a liberal-minded position. I don’t think you’ve outright endorsed specific candidates or initiatives, even though you’ve got the perfect platform to do… Read more »


I would like to see all of the hosts at once, like that big round table during election night coverage, just all yelling at each other.

Just kidding, guys. I love the show. I love the spontaneity. I love the way it feels like the show’s growing and evolving every time I tune in.

But most of all I love the exposure. It’s great to have really awesome people on TV, who you can point to and say, “They represent me.”

Thanks for all of your hard work.

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