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I Didn't Even Know Mexico HAD A Grand Warlock!

Obama, China, and the US economy should be concerned.  Why?  Because Antonio Vazquez, Mexico’s self appointed “grand warlock” has made some pretty damning predictions concerning all three.

Grand Warlock Antonio Vasquez

Mexico’s self-declared “Grand Warlock” held a news conference in Mexico City on Tuesday, when he presented his predictions for 2011 on diverse subjects such as international political and economic affairs, as well as natural disasters.

Antonio Vazquez, know as Mexico’s “Brujo Mayor” or “Grand Warlock,” said there would be no quick solution to the problem of Latin American migrants in the United States.

He added President Barack Obama’s popularity will fall, and there is no way he will be re elected in 2012 as U.S. President.

He also predicted further economic woes for the U.S., saying the economic situation of the U.S. will become a real problem for the whole world because other powerful economies are also interested in its fall.

The Warlock also said China would be battered by natural disasters in 2011.

There will be earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and very serious problems this year, that will affect the country.

Oooooh snap.  Take that, several different topics!  I’m going to honest about my warlock ignorance here and admit that I don’t really know how these predictions work.  Are we going to see earthquakes and floods and hurricanes and the mysterious ‘very serious problems’ this year in China, or will it be at least one from the list?  If the latter is true, I think the term ‘very serious problems’ is just about as broad and vague a term a person might use when casting a prediction.  I mean really, does any country go a whole year without something happening to some part of it that might be categorized as a very serious problem – especially a country as populated and huge as China?  More importantly – is there anything China, Obama, or the economy can do to prevent these events?

However, the Warlock said his predictions were not definitive.

He said any of those forecasts could be counteracted or totally changed with magical spells, prayers, or only by taking personal actions or attitudes to prevent it.

Oh my goodness.  That’s so perfect, too, you can tell this guy has been doing this a while.  When you base the likelihood of an event coming to pass on something as unquantifiable as magic, prayer, or positive attitudes there is literally no way you can lose.  If it doesn’t happen – look!  Enough people prayed!  If some event occurs that can be even loosely interpreted as fulfilling at least part of a prediction – see, I told you so.

Please note his sweet warlock beard

I don’t mean to be a negative nelly so I will say one thing I sincerely like about this guy – he has an amazing warlock beard.  I mean, that thing is good.

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