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by Sam Mulvey

Submitted for Later Discussion, a Recent Comment to Our Website:   Meanwhile, here’s a teaser:  If we’re not allowed to reprint this without approval, why did he post it on our website?   ARE YOU OPEN MINDED ??? Electro-magnetic imprint of DNA goes with you in the death transition !! Multi-life history/experience/form holding patterns in […]

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As promised, this year's best voicemail!

by Sam Mulvey

As I promised in today/tonight/tomorrow’s Stream-a-Thon, here is the best voicemail we have received so far in 2012. Warning: it is not nice. It is not friendly. It is not for children. As we said in the Stream-a-thon, if you do something artful/musical with this voicemail, you’ll (probably) get some neat Ask an Atheist swag! […]

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