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Just kidding.  I don’t really think that.  But this insane lady evidently does:

Wow.  What else can we blame on the repeal of DADT?  Did you get some nasty fries at a restaurant?  Is your water pressure in your shower suddenly really crappy?  Perhaps you experienced some kind of unexpected car trouble?  THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE GIVE GAY PEOPLE RIGHTS AS IF THEY WERE NORMAL PEOPLE!  God is pissed and when God gets pissed he goes on an avian rampage.

Remember that snow most of the country just experienced?  That’s right – when we afford gay people the same rights and privileges as everyone else (as long as they’re signing up for the military and don’t want anything crazy like a marriage certificate), God cries so hard, his tears freeze and cover the nation with a soft white blanket of biblical disappointment.

The thing that strikes me as especially sad – besides the ridiculous ‘logic’ this woman spits out to try to explain her DADT/dead bird causal correlation – is the fact that there is an audience out there for this kind of bias affirming tripe.  After all, SOMEONE has to be paying for this woman’s keen fashion sense.  Giant anal bead necklaces don’t purchase themselves, you know.

HT: Blag Hag

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LOL. you said Anal beads.

and this lady is an idiot.


Thanks for the snark. It brightened up my evening. Which really needed brightening.

Hm. I wonder if the systems upgrade that’s currently causing me grief is God’s way of telling me I’m not persecuting teh gheys enough.


Pretty passive aggressive non confrontational for an omnipotent entity that has supposedly directly killed millions of people. “Message to imaginary god thingy in the sky”, “Stop being a dick and killing innocent animals … if you’ve got a beef with some of us … sack up and say what’s on you’re mind”. A loud booming voice in the appropriate regional language would be nice or, you could just have a bunch of humans write an ambiguous bunch of nonsense down … oh wait, you tried that already … let’s go with the big booming voice ;] While it’s fun to… Read more »

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