Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

Announcement: Our End of the World Party

Countdown to Backpedaling: The End is Nah!


The night that we’re all Left Behind, May 21st, 2011 at 8:00 PM, the producers and crew of Ask An Atheist would love to see you at Dorky’s Arcade in Tacoma. We’re throwing an awesome party in Tacoma’s new retro arcade and bringing in our favorite Seattle bands to rock the place as we celebrate the END… of the countdown to backpedaling.

To celebrate the commencement of backpedaling, we’re super pumped to give you:

Three Ninjas, the up-and-coming nerd-core rapper featured on some popular atheist blogs, with Mathias “Tangentbot” Purtlebaugh‘s fit-for-the-arcade electronic beats

Lena Lou rounding out the set with instrumental guitar-driven sonic badassery, more post-rock than metal but delivered without regard for personal safety.

Dorky’s Barcade is located at 754 Pacific Ave Tacoma, WA 98402 and we think it’s great. There are tons of retro games you can play for a quarter, a big pinball section, and a menu of tasty sandwiches, candy, and drinks. Tickets to the party/show will be available at the door for $10.

To Summarize:

  • WHEN: Saturday, May 21st, 2011 8:00PM until 1:30AM
  • WHAT: Live Music!  Arcade Games! Events! Media!
  • WHO:
  • WHERE:

    Dorky’s Arcade

    754 Pacific Avenue

    Tacoma, WA 98402

  • WHY: To celebrate the end of the waiting, and perhaps hear the first of excuses as to why to world failed to end.
  • AND HOW MUCH: $10 at the door!

We hope to see you there!

About the Author: Sam Mulvey

Sam Mulvey is a producer and the technical brain behind Ask an Atheist. He is a collector of vinegar varieties, vintage computers, antique radios, and propaganda.

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Thanks for the great idea! Although I can’t make yours, thinkin we might have one here as well! Little close to arrange for tomorrow but hey! Wisconsin sure needs a party like this!

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Eric – Isn’t the whole ‘you’re going to spend eternity in Hell’ meme just the lame Christian way of telling someone to screw off? Why not just say it? Also – it’s not going to be the rapture. Are you serious? Do you fortify your roof against beanstalk climbing giant attacks “just in case”?


pinko —

Aw crap! You mean to tell me that all the fire-proofing I did to protect my house against dragons is for naught?


To our neighbors up in BC (specifically Terance), yes you will need a passport to cross. It’s a 2.5 to 3-hour drive from the border to Tacoma, and crossing can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours. Check before you leave which crossing has less traffic.

To other out-of-towners…
There are plenty of motels under $50 in Lakewood and Fife (the two towns on either side of Tacoma along the I-5 corridor) and two ritzy hotels w/in walking distance of the party (Murano and The Marriott).

Anarchy UK

“The Great Disappointment II”

Religious people are so stupidily funny.


If the world is going to end at 8:00 PM tomorrow night it won’t be god that will end it’ it will be man.


yall need jesus


I’ll be there. lol maybe after the world ends, I’ll get some work done.

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Matthew 24:11-13… Where The Risen (and returned in my Heart) Lord Jesus said (Probably in Hebrew):
Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many. Because lawlessness is increased, most people’s love will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end, he will be saved.

The Real Second Coming of Christ is waiting, in YOUR Heart.


So, it’s official – if the world does NOT end today, Christianity as a religion is finished. Just one step closer to putting this planet right again.

Suomalainen joka ei usko paskaa -.-

Mä en ainakaan USKO! Tää teidän ”kapina” on vitun turhaa. Mitään Jumalaa oo ees -.- Kuka teki maailman? – Planeetat ja muut olivat yhdessä kasassa ja pian ne poksahti suurena supernovaräjähyksenä ilmoihin. Ootteko muka nähny Jumalan? ette. Jeesuski oli varmaa nimeltään Pertti ja joka oli joku kerjäläinen. Raamattukki oli täyttä valhetta & hepreaa. Ootte vitun noloja! Se sama ennustajahan ennusti -97 vuodelle maailmanlopun, se on vaa sitä vanhuudenhöperyyttä, eiks se oo kohta 90.v ? Jos mä en usko Jumalaan, en myöskään Saatanaan. Luuletteko et te tanssisitte tuolla taivaassa, vaikka ootte pelkästään maan alla? Sielu ei lähde minnekkään, vaan vittuun.

suomalainen ketä nauraa edelliselle

vittu sä oot nolo 😀 en minäkään jumalaan usko. toi 21.12.2012 on sitte mielenkiintosempi juttu.


Saturday May 22nd would be an excellent day to pick up lonely depressed women.


I’m figuring there’ll be lotta rebellious feelin’s in the hearts of the ex-doomsda­yers!”

The Doctor

Even though I, myself, am not an atheist, I am right there with you in ridiculing this man. These kinds of false prophets are precisely why Christians in general have a black eye – we all get lumped together.

This once we’re in agreement, friends. Enjoy yourselves and I will see you tomorrow!

Matthew 24:36

John (Columbus, OH)

The date of May 21st, End Of The World, is not a convenient time for me, can we change that again? Let’s move it to December 21, 2012…


Just becacuse one christian says this is when the world ends doesn’t mean that all christians believe that. Whats so bad about religion anyways? This will not destroy christianity, and millions of other people would tell you the same thing.

ronnie g

I sure hope it does end because I’m tired of getting collection calls from BMG. That way, I win.


Andrew, what’s so bad about religion? Well, much of the problems we have in society and in wars (past & present) were directly linked to religion in one way, shape or form.


guys dont forget your last jacking off lol

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FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU cant play duke nukem forever fuck!


this is not going to happon im sorry… i belive in god and jesus but this is not going to happon is it…..hello


Yay! Ken and I will be there tonight! Dorky’s sounds really fun and awesome!! By the way, Christians, it’s “ACCEPT”, not “EXCEPT”. Don’t expect to be taken seriously if your grammar is poor.


Unforunately, Christianity will not end because of this. They will do just what the clock says; Backpedal.

Whatever. Christians backpedalling for dear life is hilarious to watch anyway.


If teh worldz is going toh end in 3 hours, iam going to miss teh internetz.


And once again a sect of Christianity decides to make wild claims that are contradictory to the Bible. I must say it’s rather annoying. So as a Christian I’d like to request that other Christians follow the Bible when it says “No one knows the day or hour”.


Aaron – the idea of the rapture actually happening in any way shape or form is in and of itself a wild claim. That’s like saying “I know dragons will hatch from the earth – but claiming to know the exact time? Ridiculous!”

I have my own request for Christians – instead of ridiculing these people or trying to distance yourselves from them, why not try reaching out to them and helping them? Seems like the “Christian” thing to do.


Well? After the countdown reached zero, it went to -1 day, 23 hours, 58 minutes. I’m still “alive” thank god and typing this. I don’t hear anything abnormal so I guess you failed on that one, huh Christianity. I’m so glad I’m not a Christian.

I’m going to shit on your face now.


These are the signs and wonders for the near incoming of christ to us, but that signs are the beginning…Did u see the signs? like wars nation against nation, ramphant killing, rape, corruption, adulterous,FALSE PROPHETS EXIST and etc. No one to blame only yourself if you are not so sure of your faith in GOD. Ask yourself, Am I ready to save now or soon? Don’t wait… Do good with faith in God accept him as your savior…Love your enemy as you love yourself.


, You are right! We have to share the gud news to our friends, relatives and people out there. No matter what, we belong to God’s salvation. God bless to all…


I do believe in God even though i may not read the bible every day or go to church every sunday but i do believe in the bible that no one can predict the exact time of when the lord may come again. I just think this group have scared alot of people especially the young what did they think when spreading it around and scaring people, children, teenagers all people. I know alot of people didnt take it seriously in the first place but i dont think its right that they have predicted such a thing.


Unforunately, Christianity will not end because of this. They will do just what the clock says; Backpedal. Whatever. Christians backpedalling for dear life is hilarious to watch anyway. Allie, I am a Christian and I will not be doing any crawfishing. Why? because I did not say that the rapture was going to take place on Saturday May 21st, 2011. That would be Harold Camping. I do not agree with or believe what Mr. Camping said. I did not believe it when he said that the rapture was supposed to happen back in 1994 either. Mr. Camping is a false… Read more »


I laugh at all the Christians who denounce this guy. They’re all pretty much the same in my book. One fairy tale is as crazy as the other.

northern calif. gal

I’m broke, so I’m going to start my own business called, Rapture Incorporated. Then I too might be able to make over $100 million like the good Reverend Camping. This guy must be laughing all the way to the bank.


Technically, hasn’t the Earth lost time from major seismic events over the years? So maybe the “end” is a lil behind schedule. lol


Well… it’s May 22, 8 AM here in Alberta, Canada. No breaking news of any rapture. Harold Camping better get a suit of armour ’cause angry people might try to stone him for being a false prophet (since they obviously missed killing him in 1994). Screwing people once is forgivable. The scale of this campaign makes it unforgivable.


I wrote “Screwing people once is forgivable”. After a minute of thought I rescind that. It is situationally dependent, but for the most part worthy of anger.


@ Zuggy and Stefanie.

I’m norwegian. And I can tell you the fact that the way you put all christians in the same boat and call them all stupid for what this one Mr. Camping said, is just as lame, ignorant and rediculously stupid as if I would go around and call every single american retarded because of what Bush did. He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed either, so shut up.

It sickens me that you can sink this low. Get a clue.

And camping should read the bible before he plans the next doomday.


For all you “christians” out there A prayer Dear, almighty divine whatsit in the sky, A Tragic Day. It’s so sad that all of your mind fu*ked damaged goods, who call themselves christian, were not reclaimed yesterday. When it comes to sick sh*t, Abraham’s three bastard children , (judaism/christianity/islam) really take the prize for perpetual human slavery here on earth. Cultural genocide knows no bounds for your lot, and unless your fiction manifests soon, all the rest of us natural folk will surely die in your DOMINATION CULT OUTFREAKAGE. PLEASE , GOD, JESUS, ALLAH, JEHOVAH 1, (hell I’d be satisfied… Read more »


oh yeah, and Jon from Norway… here’s a clue for you I was raised to be an American, so I know. Most Americans Are Retarded. Retarded by our Schools,by our Economic and Foreign Policies, by our Media, and mostly, by our Religions, most of which are Christian, the same Christians who made sure that Bush was was re-elected. The Dominion crowd strikes again, and again and again and again. Like a Murderous Chimpanzee in a BLIND RAGE. Because that’s what they ARE! As a “Christian” You have no Freedom, or Reasonable Standing, just a fat brain that’s been indoctrinated to… Read more »


I am an atheist and i support Camping 100%. Many of my christian co-workers who one way or another were hoping Camping’s prediction to occur are now in some doubt as they are more receptive to my arguments than ever before. He has been of great help to me. I hope all other important religious leaders in usa start making their own prophesies. The more apocaliptic the better. Camping has done more to create douts about god that all american atheist put together. Long live to Camping. My prophesy: Camping will die soon of a dental infection.


The main christian rationale (if it may be said that christian use reason) is that Camping failed because he was a false prophet. Wait a minute. And what is a true prophet? Who is qualified to divide prophets into false and true? Any christian? The pope? What is the criteria? The number of true prophesies? And which of these true prophesies can be cited to be true. All above question are answer by…you guessed it, the same christians. Not by any proof whatsover. But because they say so by faith and is written in the bible. Splendid rationale!! Absolute Arbitrariness… Read more »

Martin Valenzuela


[…] to you by a group of atheists in Tacoma — and they also have a radio show. The folks at Ask an Atheist on KLAY AM 1180 are hosting a party for those left behind. (Of course, they’re assuming that […]

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