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Guess Who's Coming to Seattle?


Just kidding, that’s Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Though it’s still a bit sketchy – it looks like some of the WBC may be heading up to Seattle this summer to protest the Seattle SlutWalk.

Inspired by our friends and allies in Toronto, we Western Washingtonians are ready to stand up, fight the sexist social acceptance of rape in our culture, and reclaim the word “slut.”

Some SlutWalk organizers are worried that the Phelp’s presence – more specifically the presence of counter-protesters who are bound to be drawn to the walk to respond to the notoriously hateful rhetoric of the WBC – will detract from the message of the event, but I think this has the potential to be a great boost for the group.

Nothing says progressive relevancy like getting the attention of the most hateful family in America.

Additionally, while I was on the fence before about whether or not I would attend, now I’m totally planning on going.  And I’m going to bring friends.  And silly signs.  And maybe funny hats.  Maybe.

I think it’s a worthwhile event to attend, and I think it’s possible to both support it AND do a little taunting of the WBC while I’m there without detracting from the event itself.

And I think you should come too!  Here’s the when-where-what:

SlutWalk Seattle will be held on June 19, 2011. We’ll meet at Bobby Morris Playfield at 12PM, then walk west along Pine Street to rally at Westlake Center until 3PM.

This is a great opportunity to support the message behind SlutWalk – that women who enjoy sex are not in any way asking to be raped, nor should they be judged because of the way they dress or the choices they make in the bedroom – and/or to come out and give the Phelps clan a healthy dose of irreverently snarky Washingtonian sarcasm as they bellow antiquated, fearful hate from whatever street corner downtown they end up squatting on.

As a woman who both enjoys sex AND dislikes Phelps, his family, and his message – I’ll be there for both.

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Melissa W

I think a funny hat/sign making party is in order. I need to unleash my washingtonian snarkcasm on these idiots AND support the idea that a woman is not “asking for it” by dressing a certain way. 😀


It looks like he’s looking at the arc of the covenant right before the wrath of God liquefies his face.


I will be there with my GOD LOVES SLUTS sign. Let’s do this right!

I understand SlutWalk’s desire to not give any attention to WBC, but I also think that people have tried to politely ignore them and they’ve still managed to steal all the media thunder at important events. Screw those guys! I think a perfect balance of pro-slut/anti-WBC messaging can be achieved.


Libby has a good point. May I suggest an attempt be made to duplicate the color and style of the WBC signs.
That will cause a visual distration when next to the WBC “God Hates ___” in the same line of sight is a “God hates shrimp” sign or something like that. That tactic was very sucessful at the Comic.Com convention in San Diego.


He really does look like Skeletor in a suit in that picture. Dolph Lundgren got the business end of his sword about 5 seconds later.

I really wish I could attend. With some more planning, I could do something like this next year. There aren’t many atheist gatherings around here that are of note, and it would be awesome to be a part of something. Oh, well. At least I can stare at the Skeletor pic.


I was thinking “GOD DOESN’T EXIST BUT IF HE DID HE’D HATE THE WBC”…too long? I’m sure something short and sweet like “GOD LOVES ALL” or “GOD HATES THE WBC” might get ’em riled.


I’m thinking a God Hates Skeletor sign would be nice.


Is that the guy from Poltergeist II?

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