Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Stan Brooks

I really loved the analogy of the talking defroster, it really makes the point well. I’ve often talked about GWB saying that he prayed and talked to god about the invasion of Iraq and god told him to invade, and people said things like how happy they were to have a man of faith as our president. However, if GWB had instead said that he talked to Mickey Mouse and MM had told him the same things we hopefully would have recognized that he was in fact mentally ill, but he gets a pass because he was talking to his… Read more »


The Big bang thing is wrong.

The Big Bang denotes the current form of our “universe” and not that there was nothing “before” the big bang.

Before the big bang is odd cuz time the way we think of it generally didn’t exist. However it’s likely other forms of time did.

Also the big bang also only refers to our universe/dimmension/membrane and not the entirety of the universe/cosmos/reality.

Mike Gillis


We may have not been clear about that, but we know this. The Big Bang is not “something from nothing” as the creationists mischaracterize it.

It’s the creation of the universe AS IT’S CURRENTLY CONSTITUTED. The matter is all the same, but in a new arrangement.


Which claim? Big Bang cosmology has long been not thought of as the “beginning” of the universe. It’s always been thought of as the point where our science breaks down and where our understanding no longer quite works. As far as time in a different form is likely the case calculations only really work when you think in an 11 dimensional universe where there is 3 directions of physical movement followed by a axis of change that is then a single point in the next set. the big bang as the starting point of “our” universe is how science is… Read more »


There is NO Mike vs. Joel debate. Everyone knows that there is only one true Gizmonics Temp. Joel be thy name. But… if there were a spectrum I’d be a 6 toward the Joel side.

Silent Bob

I hope my comment isn’t too crass.

But I noticed when you were talking about the death of your friend, all three presenters used terms like “passed away” and “moved on” – terms that, of course, refer to the transition to an afterlife.

Why not just say he died? Is that somehow offensive?


It’s so nice to hear some cogent thoughts and observations and not the usual ranting. As People of Reason, we need to inform and provoke thought and curiosity, not just engage in shock and confrontation. As you pointed out in the “coming out is difficult” section, we need to stop the interminable arguing with theists about whether or not there are gods or dueling Bible quotations and get on with explaining who we are and why we think what we do. (Notice I didn’t say ‘believe’ there 🙂

Joe Knapka

Great show! The question I’d ask about free will is, “How could will or moral responsibility exist WITHOUT physical cause and effect?” In other words, IF my will is somehow disconnected from physical cause and effect, but is instead resident in some immaterial soul; THEN how could it ever make sense to punish my physical being for crimes “willfully” committed? My (tentative) answer to this is: of course punishment DOESN’T make sense in a dualist universe. But in a purely physical universe, it’s all computation, physically realized; and we have “free will” to the extent that our actions are the… Read more »

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