Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Did I miss something? Crab sticker with FSM that you see on cars? “Finite State Machine”?

I was SURE he was talking about the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

I kept waiting for the hosts to say something about that, but they went down the “crab / Finite State Machine” path. Is my head just somewhere else entirely?


I wish you guys would’ve *gently* challenged that Catholic lady caller a little bit. Yes, she was polite and pleasant, but I was dying to know “…so why are you still a Catholic? Are you just a ‘cultural catholic’, etc?”

As Matt Dillahunty says, “What do you believe and why?”
and more recently: “Do you care if your ideas are true?”


Loved the show!!! I have been watching since the very first episode and just wanted to say how great you are all doing. Atheists are people just like everyone else in the world and we really need to get out their in this so-called “news media” and show everyone that you can be an atheist and still be a nice, moral individual without having a book telling you what to do. I’ll make a deal with all of you…. Keep posting the videos and I’ll keep watching them.


Internet thumbs up.

Pickle Pumpers

This idea that we don’t have an infinite number of choices is often used as an argument for the lack of freewill and I whole heartedly disagree. Just because some choices are not open to you does not mean you don’t still have an infinite number of choices; infinity minus one (or more) is still infinity. Next Chris makes a category error, Windows OS is not a living being and does not have a brain so you can’t compare the two. Our brains are self programming, dynamically adapting computers. Our brains are not some kind of steampunk, gear-driven difference engine.… Read more »


Posting before even listening to the show… announcements aren’t even over yet.

Ha! An atheist breaking yet another accepted convention.


Finite State Machine?? LOL – Has the caller experienced the power of His Noodley Appendage? I suspect not. You guys should have pointed him to a Google search or the URL That first gal was a culture Catholic. Why not ask her the rhetorical “why”? She mentioned we are all energy. I smell woo-woo, and have a sneaking suspicion that she regularly donates to Deepak’s coffers. The older gentleman was steering the argument toward a Pantheistic or Deistic point of view, which is fine… but he was sure getting damn preachy! I appreciate you guys shedding some light on… Read more »

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