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In homage to a great Facebook fan, we honor our listener feedback and discuss some funny and interesting news stories.  Show notes after the break.


Jonee emailed us shortly after the show with links to support the deconversion efforts we described today:

Thank you for your time today on Ask an Atheist!  My Husband loves your
podcast!You asked for some links if people wanted more info on post-mormonism

Godless at BYU Blog:

Atheists of Utah:

and for LDS church history and doctrine related info:

Have a wonderful day!  Thanks again for supporting our Mass Resignation and
helping get the word out.

We also received this email shortly after the show from an anonymous nearby mormon:

I tuned in a little late, but enjoyed hearing Michelle talking about her
participation in the Mass Resignation from Mormonism yesterday. I just
wanted to let you know that, although I was not able to attend, I sent my
name to the organizers so as to be added to the list of those who declared
their independence from Mormonism. My husband is still very much a member,
so to keep from hurting him I am sending this anonymously. He is also the
reason I did not attend the rally yesterday. Needing to remain anonymous
says something about how the church operates, does it not?

About the Author: Sam Mulvey

Sam Mulvey is a producer and the technical brain behind Ask an Atheist. He is a collector of vinegar varieties, vintage computers, antique radios, and propaganda.

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Michael Carpenter

8-year-olds do not believe that unicorns are real.
The only beliefs I had when I was 8 that I’ve since learned were wrong were related to patriotism. E.G., I believed that america was the best country in the world, and everywhere else people were living in huts and eating dirt, and everyone wanted to come to america, and also america let everyone in.
I had those false beliefs because I was told them by adults, specifically by “teachers”. Kids don’t just make up crap to believe in.


Are theists really this bleak as to think that our 0-70+ years are worthless unless we can live forever? Are they really so amoral as to consider the rampage they’d go on if their Big Brother isn’t real? It’s frightening to think of such people walking amongst us!

It almost makes you want to keep these uncritical unthinkers unenlightened, so they never go berserk when they inevitably discover the truth about their so-called holy books and deities.

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