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Candidate Without a Prayer

Join us as we chat with Herb Silverman, founder and president of the Secular Coalition for America,  and Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at the College of  Charleston. He ran for governor of South Carolina in the 1990s as an atheist and entered into a multi-year battle to have the South Carolina Supreme Court strike down this religious requirement for holding public office.  He joins us today to chat about his recently published memoir, Candidate Without A Prayer: An Autobiography of a Jewish Atheist in the Bible Belt.

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Ross Balmer

I just listened to this show, and right at the end you mentioned that Eric Hovind (the son of convicted felon Kend Hovind!) is speaking in Vancouver, Washington and Portland, Oregon in November. I just thought I should point out that Hovind the younger has changed his presentation considerably from that of his father. It used to be true that it was practically a word-for-word copy of his father’s anti-evolutionary screeds, but these days Eric usually speaks on the subject of “presuppositional apologetics” rather than evolution. If anybody feels inclined to do some homework before attending, I thought I should… Read more »


Why did I have to click on that Magic Sandwich link, that “debate” is so extremely annoying and frustrating! That sye ten asshole is the most dishonest and insulting xian I have ever heard and they really should have abruptly stopped the debate when he insisted that we all believe in god.

The Ask an Atheist show, on the other hand, was excellent as always!

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