Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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The “Jim’s McDonalds” comment made me smile – anybody else remember the episode of Taxi when Jim (Christopher Lloyd) buys Mario’s bar and renames it “Jim’s Mario’s”? Thanks so much for reminding me of that!

Hellbound Alleee

The argument against abortion read on this episode is one which I’ve encountered many times. No one, no individual EVER has been “deprived of life.” A non-entity, something that does not exist can never be in the state of deprivation. Using this argument, any woman who has not made full use of her fertile years has deprived many, many “women,” (rolleyes) of life. Actually, in this scenario, the man is many times more a murderer to have masturbated or leaked or indeed not saved all sperm during the entirety of his life, as these little guys are all “potentials.” I… Read more »


No, Hellbound Alleee, I’m glad you walked through that one. What struck me about the proposition in the email (as I mentioned on the air) is the utter lack of concern in such arguments for the WOMAN. She already exists, is already full of potential, of memories, of feelings, of thoughts and emotions. She is a human being, as much as society may condition us to view her, once pregnant, as nothing but the vehicle to carry another life. The impact motherhood or even just pregnancy (assuming she decides to carry to term but give the child up for adoption)… Read more »

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