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Books and Bites

We talk with atheists involved in the book-distribution campaign in Florida schools, and discuss the efficacy of biting as a method of snake-demon removal.  We speak with David Williamson, the director of Central Florida Freethought Community.

There are extensive show notes.

Sam sent an email to Sean from Montreal, who sent us an update about Alber Saber.  In response, he got this very interesting email, with links you may want to check out.

Cool beans. I was both surprised and thrilled to learn about it.  The evil side of me wanted to promote me blog but then I realized how crass that would be.  Still it’s

If you ever do a series on Atheist/Humanist charity then if you could promote the work I’m doing with the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda on their chicken coop and food garden it would likely help alot.

I’m trying to figure out better ways to get money to the school.  Right now not everyone has the stomach to send Western Union Moneygrams to Uganda, I realize.  All I have is my own paypal which was enough (wiht a little help from PZ Myers) to build the chicken coop.  Anyway… starting to research possibly incorporating a charity organization here in Canada.

– Sean

Hey Sean, it’s not at all crass when you’re doing good work. The only time we’ve spoken about Uganda, it’s because of the “executing gay people” thing. We wouldn’t be at all shocked if we talked with Sean about this project at some point.

Meanwhile, we referenced a ridiculous letter on the show this week.   Here it is:



We’ll translate it a bit later.

Finally, David also referred to some student leaders in the Orange County community.  Daniel Koster, head of Wekiva High School’s secular club, has a comprehensive guest post at Friendly Atheist documenting the bible distribution day as it unfolded at his high school.


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David Williamson

Thanks so much for the chance to share our story with your audience. We’ll keep you posted!

Thanks so much for the shout-out on the show notes! I’ll keep in touch!

Steve Seamans

Hey guys, l Love the show and I have download it regularly for the last couple of years, from 6/2011 to be exact. You mentioned about having people submit different versions of your theme song by Chris Coleman or Kolemen? Can you direct me to, or send me an mp3 copy of it, so I can hear enough to work on a Symphonic/accordion/bagpipe/banjo version? I’d like to give it a go. Right now Derrick C. at the “Skepicality” podcast uses a theme song I wrote for him, so if you want to hear a bit of my work, check it… Read more »

Sam Mulvey

Hey, I’ve sent you the theme, but I think the earthlink blocker may have caught it. Can you check your filter or something, or do I need to send it again?

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