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Don’t be a Tithewad

This week, Sam, Becky and Bob explore the misconception that atheists don’t do charitable work.   To help explore, they talk to Dale McGowan, founder and executive director of Foundation Beyond Belief.

We also talk to Alexa Blumenstock, the president of CTHULU: Critical Thinkers, Humanists, & Unbelievers at Lawrence University, which we mentioned in a previous blog post.

NOTE: Before anyone asks, we’re at Doyle’s for post show this week.

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Alexa Blumenstock

Thank you guys so much for letting me be on the show! I had a blast! 😀


I wasn’t aware that anyone was keeping track of the charity of others and mocking unsung heroes. In fact, I thought there was a quasi-religious saying “Do your good deeds in secret”. For the record– and for the edification of others who think that because you don’t see atheists trumpeting their good works, it’s as though we don’t do it at all– I attest that I personally contribute to charitable efforts in donating money, time, and bodily fluids. I also ensure that my funds go to secular causes, as I would not wish to support an organistion that reserves funds… Read more »

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