Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Just on the “Give your last dollar” issue; when I got my first proper job in 2001 I started giving $50 a month to MSF… In periods of unemployment (like now) I drop that to $20, but I still do it, even when I’m struggling to make rent or pay for gas. The difference is that I don’t do it expecting -my- life to improve. I do it because even at a low point I still have fall-back options, like a loving family, and accumulated resources. Somewhere else in the world some other person is struggling just to stay alive,… Read more »


I think if you were going to do an experiment with the postal service, it would be worthwhile to also send packages with tape that has some kind of religious (Christian) message on it. I’m sure there’s atheist jerks working for the postal service, too. It would be interesting to compare success/failure rates.

Also, you could find out whether the USPS hates Atheism or Islam more. The possibilities are endless!

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