Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Aaron Kenyon

great episode another 150 more


We need more troll shopkeepers in places where there are rules like those proposed by Stutzman/Brown, to refuse services to heterosexuals (since discrimination on sexual preference is cool), or other arbitrary, yet protected, forms of bias.

And I wonder how bigoted florists avoid providing services to customers whose lifestyles and floral agendas don’t align with the owners’ personal (whups, *business-related*) prejudices.

Is there a questionnaire asking whether the posies will be given to a non-marital partner (a.k.a. mistress), or be made into a funeral wreath for a victim of homophobic hate-crime, or a pet (animals don’t have souls, silly!).


IRT: atheist mailing I think for this project to work, you would have to also send some packages that are marked not politically, or are marked by political words that are likely to not be “persecuted” against. Like have some marked about “Fighting Cancer” and others marked “Christian” and things like that. There also need to be packages that aren’t marked at all, in order to get a baseline. You should also make sure people send the same size package. I would suggest setting up a part of your website where the people who want to send a package can… Read more »


Concerning Atheist Shoes: I ordered a pair for my wife. Tracking on the USPS site of the package ended in Chicago on April 19. No package yet. . . .

Atheist Berlin conducted an unscientific study mailing packages to all fifty states (the study results are on its site). It showed the much larger delay or loss of packages with its branded tape vs. plain tape; packages sent within the EU suffered no such loss or delay.

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