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Bad Arguments U

This week, Sam is joined by Becky and Nick as he talks about a recent argument from “Prager University”, a project by talk show host Dennis Prager.   Sam has blogged about him previously.   We also go over some similarly bad arguments coming out of the media, as well as catch up on a few emails and updates.

There are show notes.

The video we talk about is available on YouTube.   The Greta Christina article we talked about in response to Paul from the US is available here.

Cheerleaders Permitted to Display Bible Verses

Link: link Via: Associated Press


A judge has ruled that cheerleaders from a Southwest Texas high school may display banners with Bible verses at football games. State District Judge Steven Thomas determined that the constitional establishment clause does not prohibit religious banners at school sports events. The Kountze County School district, which put a stop to the displays after being advised by the Freedom from Religion Foundation, is expected to appeal or to seek clarification on whether the cheerleaders’ messages are private speech.


School cancels graduation rather than scrap prayer

Link link Via: KAIT (Jonesboro, AR ABC affiliate)


The Riverside School District of Lake City, Arkansas has cancelled its 6th grade graduation ceremony rather than hold it without prayer. A cease and desist letter was sent to the school on behalf of a parent that protested the tradition of a pastoral invocation. Conflicting reports attributed the letter alternately to the ACLU and the FFRF. Disappointed parents are rallying to hold an alternative ceremony at a local church.


Sociologist likens autistic children to atheists

Linklink Via: Hurriyet Daily News

In Turkey, a sociologist and chair of a childhood autism association caused a stir when he revealed his unorthodox beliefs about autism and atheism. Dr. Fehmi Kaya has said that that autistic children do not know how to believe in God because their brains lack a faith section. Therapy sessions for about 30 kids will begin in June and will include religious awareness training. Kaya also reportedly asserted that atheism is a form of autism. Fellow Turks have decried the statements. Engin Güngör, the president for the Association of Protection of Autistic Children, urged the media to be cautious about giving public credence to the statements.


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Is there any way I can subscribe to this without giving them any $$$? Delicious, crunchy, endtimes! Jeebus is coming on his horse with furious swords, be ready, look busy, repent, get saved pronto lest you be dispatched to biblegod’s private gulag, hell, where his lackey Satan will make sure you feel the pain of failing to submit to your creator, because a loving father never spares the rod, oh no, you will burn in eternity because daddy loves you and those were the rules and it was all in the ‘good’ book so if you didn’t get with… Read more »

Brian Dougherty

Peter Kreeft is just rehashing ideas from Frank Turek and his book “I don’t have enough faith to be an Atheist”. If that’s all Pete has, then I wouldn’t bother with him.

Love the show guys, except the heavy metal music at the 39:56 mark of the show

Rob Wolfram

Coud of smoke sounded great! I’ll be browsing YouTube for more stuff by Busybox.

P.S., wondeful podcast. I’m looking forward to it every week!

Sam Mulvey

Busybox: Replacement unix userland binary used in many embedded platforms.

Bodybox: Nick’s band, which we played last week.

I’ve done that, too.

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