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Rapid Response

This week we take a brief break from our Two Oil Change Tour episodes to talk to Neil Wehneman of the Secular Student Alliance, about their fundraiser for a Rapid Response Organizer. The RRO will get feet on the ground as quickly as possible the next time someone decides the rights of students are not actually rights. Additionally, we’ll talk to Rebecca Vitsmun, the atheist who had Wolf Blitzer talk weird at her, about a search for art for an “Actually, I’m an Atheist” initiative.

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*What would a world without Abrahamic religions look like?* I had a lot of fun with this, I love alternate history. This is my best guess, so I though I’d share and see what other history nerds would say. Well, before Christianity came to Europe the largest organized(ish) religion/culture was Teutonic. The Gauls weren’t super organized, and beliefs tended to vary by region. The Teutonic religion was one of the few non Abrahamic faiths to embrace the idea of deities that weren’t bound to a specific location/feature. This is part of why they spread so far, and were the last… Read more »


Kiribati is pronounced Keer•i•bas.

Also, the President, Anote Tong, wants to relocate the entire population of Kiribati to other countries because of rising sea levels. Most of the islands are only about 12 to 15 feet above sea level, from what I understand.

Kiribati. – When drowning in your own stupidity isn’t enough.


Thanks for covering the Aint’s minor league baseball game, Sam! The Mr. Paul Aints was a fun game to attend, even though they lost. There was some national Fox news coverage last year (David Silverman threw out the first pitch in 2012, Eric Jayne (MN Atheists President) did so this year). Mike had asked about player reactions – the team manager has a short interview on NPR’s All Things Considered from last week talking about how they approached the players that you might find of interest that speaks to this point: Finally, Sam, you had asked where you can… Read more »

Erin T

I was really touched by Ms. Vitsmun’s idea she presented to the Foundation Beyond Belief about aiding families in disasters. As a mother of a young daughter who is absolutely attached to her “blankie,” I can completely identify with what happened with her son’s Rainbow Lion. If my daughter’s blankie were to disappear, the emotional toll it would take on her would be devastating in an of itself; add to that the fact that her entire home was destroyed would be a complete disaster. I love the idea of Redditers taking on the mission of finding a replacement for Rainbow… Read more »

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