Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Daniel Ulloa

thanx for the great site

Richard Beatty

You mentioned that you’d like to do an episode on veganism. I am currently working with a partner to start a podcast called Vegan Heathens. We are atheist vegans who think veganism is not only rational, but necessary. We also believe veganism is a next step in atheism and humanism. If you would like to interview us or invite us as guests on your show to talk and answer questions about veganism, please let us know. We would be happy to participate. Note: We have no broadcasting experience. We are amateurs, so we may or maybe not be good guests… Read more »

Margaret Haugh

I am asking for a correction to be made by the host about the subject that was brought up about muslims stoning adulterer’s (people who are married). Adultery only applies to the female and she does not have to be married. In islam it is considered adultery to fornicate whether you are married or not. Again, the female is the only one who is punished or put to death! Please correct this. I want to see the public know the truth. Please do not sugar coat it… Please note: That information about islamic sharia law gets skewd because of islamic… Read more »

Sam Mulvey

No correction will be forthcoming, because we were speaking of a specific case, not the general case of Sharia law, to which your point applies.

Becky Friedman

Here were our sources for discussing this news development: The Brunei Times and Christianity Today, the latter of which was also cited by The Friendly Atheist. I hardly think either The Friendly Atheist or Christianity Today would be inclined to sugar coat the issue.

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