Ask an Atheist with Sam Mulvey

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Awwww. You guys let that christian off the hook way too easily.


Looking for Bainbridge Island news, eh? I may have sources!

That Christian guy sounded like he was going to run down the entire apologist’s playbook. As if that really ever convinced anyone.

Dave Brouillette

We weren’t willing to give that Christian guy the amount of time it would’ve taken to give proper responses to all of his arguments. He was read for us, bible in hand. I would like to mention that he was a really nice and friendly guy who was willing to go into the lions den (rawr, I’m a lion) to take us on. Also, he was willing to accept honest criticism when faced with it. There was a situation that I won’t go in to here during one of the breaks when Sam challenged him, and he accepted Sam’s point… Read more »

[…] really complicated episodes of Ask an Atheist to work on… I’m especially proud of the Live at TCC episode.  Secondly, I got myself a for-realz paying type normal job.  For those of you who are actually […]


The correct response to the Christian’s initial question is, adapted from The Atheist Experience’s “best caller ever” clip, “Why would you choose not to believe in unicorns? What good comes from not believing in unicorns?”

Sam Mulvey

There’s more than one good answer. To say that there’s a “correct” answer seems a bit dogmatic.


Technical feedback: the mp3 player doesn’t work in Chromium Version 32.0.1700.107 Ubuntu 12.04, but does work in Firefox on Ubuntu. The “play” button image changes to pause then back to play quickly, and no audio plays.

Sam Mulvey

Is Ubuntu 12.04 a LTS release or something? Seems a bit old… that said, I’ll fire it up in VM and see what happens. In order to get MP3 playback for me on Firefox, I needed to install a bunch of gstreamer plugins. Mayhaps it’s that.

I’m using jPlayer, which is supposed to be HTML5 with a flash fallback– I’ll play around with it and see what I can (or can’t, as the case may be) get it to do.

THANK YOU for the feedback. I don’t get enough technical stuff, especially with a bunch of useful data attached.


Yes, 12.04 is indeed an LTS.

I’m a software engineer in the support (bug fixing) department of a software firm, so I try to provide at least enough information to reproduce the problem!

I typically consume the podcast within a Windows environment, but hey, you never know how many others this little issue might affect.

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