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The Rise of Corporate Religion

What happens when the Supreme Court is wrong?  Do we bring our pitchforks and torches to Washington?   Do we head for the hills to bunker up?   Do we found Yet Another PAC?  Sam, Becca, and Dave endeavor to find out as we interview Edward Tabash of the Center for Inquiry, and Annie Laurie Gaylor or the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

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If overturning the Hobby Lobby decision is highly unlikely to be done via repealing RFRA or the court itself. Given that the decision applies to legally incorporated people and not biologically individual people, would it become irrelevant if the effort to pass a constitutional amendment that revokes “peoplehood” from the legal construct, succeeds?


While this does seem to be a fair point. This decision does not hold that corporations are people as the Citizens United case did. This case says that a closely held corporation can have the same religious bias as the holders of said corporations, which is still, if just barely, calling them legal entities with person like “rights”. It also state that if a religious corporation has the right to exclude itself then a private corporation has that right under the ACA and RFRA. While the personhood amendment would be a huge blow to the idea of personhood to corporations,… Read more »


The core problem with the contraception issue is America’s insisting on the connection between employer and insurance. We need to have employers increase pay, cut insurance benefits, and let people shop for their own insurance regardless of where they work – and allowing them to keep their provider and policy when they lose their job or switch jobs. See Germany for how this works. It isn’t completely “socialist” – there are competing providers. But there is strong state regulation and, with a few exceptions, it is disconnected to your employer. (Germany has serious issues with state-church separation, but this isn’t… Read more »

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