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McCune 2: Probable Plaque Plagues Pierce

This is about 10% of what we felt when he started telling us about communist infiltrators and the Muslim Obama.

Communist infiltrator discussion commenced roughly half an hour later.

Sam, Becky, and Robert give an update on Robert’s upcoming invocations as a secular celebrant–and then get into the meaty parts of the Pierce County Council’s resolution to prominently display “In God We Trust.”  (Links below the fold).


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RR Anderson

as a collector of kook public comment, this is some primo sh!t


I think you secularists are missing the point. Look, 150 years ago, it was 150 years before now, and for 150 years it hadn’t been 150 years yet, and now, 150 years later, it’s 150 years after 150 years ago, and god people people god.

Sean McGuire

Thanks so much for putting the audio of this online. What seriously insults me is how they kept repeating that this was actually “not controversial at all” and “shouldn’t be controversial” etc etc… it made me sick. Not only does this plaque completely ignore our existence, but it seems you were deliberately discounted during this whole proceeding as well.

I love how they both imply it’s “no big deal” and that “God can have so many meanings” while simultaneously taking up time and effort to ram this not so important meaningless thing down your throats. It so revoltingly duplicitous.

Sean McGuire

Adam: This 150 year thing was priceless! I think I need to make a meme.


Anyone have an alt link to the fox coverage? I’m getting an error message.


So I gots ta wonder… if it’s no big deal to you guys (not you guys – those guys, the ones who were saying it’s no big deal) and if it’s enough of a big deal to these guys (you guys on this site) then… I don’t know… maybe don’t bother with it? I mean, it’s no big deal, right? God is just a meaningless word with no meaning which means nothing that you use as a placeholder for anything at all that you like, so why do you care? God only means chocolate chip cookies, after all. If it’s… Read more »

Brad Tankersley

Athywren, Lemme try to explain the meaninglessness of the word. Caveat: I am no scientist nor a master of language so please bear with me in my lengthy explanation. A word is a piece of language, something you read or hear, that represents a concept in your mind. The meanings of words are taught to us. Most words do not have innate meaning like “mama or papa.” In most cases we don’t naturally leap to an assumption that any given word has multiple meanings. When I say “cup” you imagine a thing or a concept or an action. A “cup”… Read more »


Thanks for the lesson, Brad, but the point was that, if the motto (and the word ‘god’) is as meaningless to them as some speakers were claiming, and if some people did feel it was divisive and excluded them, then the supposedly meaningless motto (or at least the meaningless ‘god’ component of the motto) should be discarded. I appreciate your trying to convince me that we shouldn’t simply ignore matters like this, but my position wasn’t that we should ignore them, nor that the word ‘god’ is as meaningless as so many of it’s proponents like to claim in its… Read more »

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