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McCune 2: Regaling Ridiculous Representation

Dave, Becky, and Sam digest the Pierce County Council meeting, where a majority of councilmembers voted to display “In God We Trust” prominently in chambers.  (Links below the fold).


Dave testifies on the “E Pluribus Unum” amendment. Photo credit: Scott McElhiney

Pierce County Council doesn’t yet have video of the meeting; the emergency recess 2/3 through might have something to do with that…In the meantime, listen to the podcast and amuse yourself with the following links:

  • Full video of the Pierce County Council meeting
  • Sam presented the open letter from Humanists of Washington with 99 signators from Pierce County, and loads more from elsewhere in Washington and the US.
  • Check out coverage from local ABC affiliate King5 News.  You’ll hear Councilmember Talbert ripping into McCune.
  • Kiro News has a blurb too.
  • The Bellingham Herald has a neat write-up, including comments from Adam who hung out with us before the meeting to strategize testimony.  In the podcast, we explain a little more about the guy escorted out of the room.
  • The News Tribune posts an editorial, opposing the display and lending credence to Sam’s evolving position on the historically hostile TNT
  • Check out the website of the national movement to encourage municipalities to display the divisive slogan


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